SCRJI’s Upcoming Summer Workshops

Jun 22, 2022

SCRJI is happy to announce three upcoming workshops that we will be hosting over the coming months as part of our mission of connecting South Carolina practitioners with the guidance and expertise needed to implement restorative practices. This summer’s offerings include a second iteration of last year’s successful workshop on restorative practice in schools, along with new programming in new arenas of practice. 

Coming up next month is a pair of back to back workshops on “Restorative Practice in Schools” led by RJ practitioner Heather Sattler from the Alliance School in Milwaukee. Visit the event page for more information.

 On August 5th – 7th, we will be hosting a workshop entitled “Restorative Justice Responses to Sexual Harm” taught by trainers from the California-based Ahimsa Collective. Visit the workshop’s event page for more information. 


Please contact with any questions.