Beginner’s Resource Guide

For getting comfortable with the concept of restorative justice. This is a list of easy to digest content about what restorative justice actually means, who it is for, and how it plays out in real life.

Tools for Practice

Resources that provide practical instruction and guidance on ways of implementing restorative techniques.

Youth and Restorative Justice

Resources relating to restorative justice in schools and the juvenile justice system.

Restorative Justice & Gender-based Violence

Our list of suggested resources about restorative justice as it relates to issues like sexual harm and intimate partner violence.

South Carolina Restorative Justice Initiative

SCRJI One-Pagers

View and download our one-page infographics on topics relating to restorative justice. 

South Carolina Restorative Justice Initiative

SCRJI Webinar Recordings

Watch recordings of our 8-week “Fundamentals of Restorative Justice” webinar series along with other recorded content.