About Us

Our Mission

The South Carolina Restorative Justice Initiative (“SCRJI”) was founded to respond to the growing need for alternative pathways to justice in South Carolina. Our primary mission is to educate and promote dialogue about the concepts of restorative and transformative justice and to facilitate the development of restorative justice practices in our community.

South Carolina Restorative Justice Initiative

What We Do


We research issues relating to restorative justice theory and implementation, including comparative analyses of restorative justice around the globe. Research and analysis allow all of us to make more informed choices in our justice promotion activities.


We provide opportunities for community stakeholders to learn more about restorative justice and to become trained as restorative justice facilitators.


We work with community activists, service providers, and grassroots organizers to research and support the design of the restorative practices that work best for their constituencies.

Our Philosophy

We believe that:

Restorative justice can serve people of all ages and in multiple contexts;

Communities are better served when alternatives to retributive justice are available; and

Justice requires acknowledging the indigenous and global roots of restorative approaches.